Monday, August 18, 2014

What Makes a Friend?

okay- this picture is cool! the first was taken about 13 years ago, the second one taken this weekend. you can see we have traded in our pajamas for real clothes, put in the effort to actually style our hair, got a bit taller (okay- A BIT), and maybe the "blue house" was fixed up a bit. but, this picture means so much more. to me, this picture symbolizes true friendship. it can be hard getting older to stay close with friends. the inevitable gets in the way- lives get busier, careers are going full-force, families get started, etc. as i get older, i can fully understand what a friend is.

a friend is:
*someone who can make you laugh until you cry
*someone who understands your quirkiness
*someone you can text at 5am or 11pm
*someone who will listen when you're sad, say nothing, and still make you feels 100 times better
*someone you can eat a whole container of 5-layer Mexican dip, a large pizza, and fried mozzarella sticks with (and help you hide the evidence)
*someone who makes you feel your prettiest, even in sweats- and old navy pajamas
*someone who motivates you in life and your career, and most importantly...
*someone you are proud to stand next to

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