Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bulletin Board Storage

most, if not all, teachers like to stay as organized as possible. we have endless amounts of supplies, paper, books, games, THINGS all over the classroom. clutter drives me crazy. everyone is always asking me how i keep my room so nice and neat. the secret is to have a place for everything (and try to keep it there!) and to not let kids touch anything (ha! kidding!). i'd like to share a system that i've been using for 3+ years now. it saves money and makes it much easier to find what you're looking for.

Bulletin Board Storage

You will need:
-different kinds of bulletin board border papers (in the long plastic packages)
-small sized adhesive hooks (i used Command brand)

1. Hang hooks behind a closet door (or classroom door!). Make sure you space them in a way that the borders won't hit the floor. It is okay if the borders overlap each other. Mine do, but it might be easier if they don't)
2. Hang up border packages when the hooks have sat for about 60 minutes (as directed by hook directions)
2. When you have a new package of borders, slice a slit on the back of the package (as seen below) so you can easily slide the borders in and out without removing the top paper tab that came on the border package. This way you can easily see what the borders are and that is how you hang the package each time

Closer look:

all done! happy organization :)