Thursday, August 21, 2014

being a teacher, I am blessed to have my job always changing. it changes year to year. it changes day to day. of course, you can sense the most drastic change from year to year. this will be my fifth year with my own classroom. i honestly can't believe it's been that long! this will be my second year teaching third grade and i couldn't be more excited. every year, the first week of school, i set classroom goals and rules with my students. sometimes as a class, sometimes as individuals, and sometimes both. i decided to set some "hopes and goals" for myself this year and for my celebration of 5 years of teaching.
*hope for happiness for my students in and outside the classroom
*hope to understand the special needs of each individual student
*hope to bring excitement into lessons
*hope that my students feel safe and healthy this year (less colds for me!)
*hope to take more risks with teaching strategies and previous lessons
*hope my students love not only being with their friends, but learning too
*hope to develop a trusting relationship with parents
*not have to buy more than one electric pencil sharpener!
*leave the classroom feeling fulfilled at the end of the day
*reflect more
*read more read-alouds
*pick my battles
*be more ambitious with writing curriculum
*don't leave my cardigans on the back of my chair (i took home FIVE leftover in june)
to all my teacher friends and parents- i HOPE you enjoy this year too!

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