Sunday, March 16, 2014

pizza party and a run

it's sunday everyone! the least favorite of everyone's weekend days. at least for me. sundays mean laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, being a real human, etc. ah, oh well! tomorrow, we will go to work and count down the days 'til friday.

i have realized it's much easier to type using a real laptop instead of my iphone or ipad. haven't use this thing much since grad school. i sort of missed it! i must say, it's a little tricky to use a mac at work and then use a pc at home.

anyways, friday night i went to a friend's house for a make-your-own pizza party! it was a brilliant idea. i'm a big fan of themed parties/gatherings. the host provided sauce and cheese, i brought the dough, and everyone brought a favorite topping. we had varieties of cheeses, olives, meats, pears, different kinds of sauces, and a whole bunch of apps beforehand. oh, and wine. let's not forget the wine. it was so fun to actually make the pizzas. it was not a pretty sight, but the pizzas ended up tasting fabulous!

saturday morning M convinced me to go for an outside run. it was beautiful out and i wanted to try my new mizuno wave inspire 17s. i usually go for a stability shoe but i decided to try something different. and clearly, i just liked the way they looked. i felt like i was flying. highly recommended. we planned on a 2-miler but ended up running more than 4. i am so proud of myself. running outside is much different than running on a treadmill. at this rate, i should be okay by the heartbreak hill 10k. i've also decided stretching is probably not optional anymore. enjoy the week everyone :)


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