Sunday, March 23, 2014

donuts and diner coffee

top of the morning to ya'll (i don't know why i said that?). and blogger, please stop capitalizing my i's! i plan on not using correct grammar and punctuation because a. my blog will look cooler and b. well, it will mask the fact that i don't know how to use correct punctuation and all teachers obviously know all things punctuation/grammar.

anyways, ever since my dexter obsession, I've (there it goes again) been craving donuts. real, donuts. not dunkin donut donuts. i had been finding it a little hard to track down great donut shops in boston (suggestions, please!). but a friend suggested twin donuts in allston. since i sleep no later than 8am on any given day, i decided it would be the perfect time to try it out. i got the "chocolate dip" and M got a "honey dip." i didn't try his but i can say mine was fabulous. first of all, it was huge. and only 75 cents (beat that, dunkin donuts! okay, actually i don't know the going rate of donuts anywhere, but it seemed reasonably priced). it was moist (ugh, that word), had just the right amount of glaze on it, and sort of had a hint of coconut. it was fresh and every other bite was delicately dipped in my coffee.

speaking of coffee. WHY does diner coffee taste so heavenly? it isn't too often anymore that i am drinking coffee out of a pot (hello, keurig). i usually find pot coffee from my parents and relatives to taste bitter, burnt, or just plain watery. but, diner coffee, man... is like prozac to my soul. there's also something about coffee that makes me want to slow down, take a look around, and appreciate the small details in my surroundings. it's like i'm sipping my coffee and i realize what a nice paint job my kitchen has, or how the lyrics to my current favorite song finally make sense. bottom line, if you need a quick pick me up, grab some diner coffee and a donut at twin donuts in allston. you, your taste buds, and your soul will thank me.

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