Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Favs

some things I'm lovin'...

yes, i already whipped out the bath and body works fall scented candles. it's not quite pumpkin season for me yet but this one hits the spot (smells a bit like apple, a bit like heaven)... hands down. i have combination oily/dry skin and this one isn't too thick, isn't too oily, and blends well. it has been my savior for two years now. i don't usually use it all summer (i just use pure aloe) but now that the days have been getting cooler, i am reminded of how much i love this!
anddddd... i usually don't eat sugary breakfast cereals but i decided to try a box of these as a treat at night while i'm cuddling up on the couch. they are perfect because they aren't too sweet and made with whole grains. i may or may not have eaten a whole box this week.
enjoy the weekend!
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    1. Me too... I will admit that my first one is almost already finished!!